Being Green is simple and economical.  GREENWILL helps you get there for free.

GREENWILL is a global nonprofit initiative offering a free standardized environmental policy (“Green Policy”) worldwide.

By adopting the GREENWILL pledge, any business, organization (formal or informal) or individual is provided with a clear, simple and completely voluntary path to becoming more environmentally friendly. Often these small steps will also help bring down costs, maximize output, and spur innovation. GREENWILL provides the Guidelines, users choose which to adopt. Make the pledge public and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple.

Who does GREENWILL benefit?

  • Businesses / organizations, by offering them voluntary, customizable and simple ways to be greener, reduce waste, save energy and increase profits. And by giving them a vehicle to improve their public reputation by showcasing the GREENWILL logo.
  • Consumers, by conferring them critical information that allows them to be greener themselves and to patronize companies that have adopted GREENWILL.
  • The Planet, by incentivizing businesses and consumers to take mutually reinforcing steps that are beneficial for the environment. Collectively, each participating business, organization and consumer will contribute to making an enormous difference for the environment.

Once your organization decides to take a step towards environmental sustainability, there are four easy steps to follow:

1) Sign your Green Policy: An organization (formal or informal, business or nonprofit) signs the GREENWILL Green Policy – a 1-page public commitment. For a sample Green Policy click here.

2) Assign an in-house “Green Officer”: Each organization appoints one voluntary staff member to serve as its Green Officer, to oversee the implementation of the Green Policy. The Green Officer co-signs the Green Policy.

3) Make the Green Policy public: The Green Policy needs to be made public on the organization’s website and in the place(s) of operation (offices, shops, factories, etc.), wherever available. The partner can then use the GREENWILL logo, to let the world know it is following environmentally conscious policies and practices.

4) Spread the word: As part of the commitment, the organization and its Green Officer will do their best in order to bring on board their partners/clients/network.

The GREENWILL initiative operates glocally. It has an international hub to drive the global campaign and serve as a center of expertise. It will simultaneously work to inspire and foster local GREENWILL chapters in countries around the world that will adapt the Green Guidelines to local standards; translate them into local language(s); manage country-based outreach impact and monitoring; formulate a local board of advisors and staff, and raise funding locally for these efforts.