For a Greener Tomorrow, Together

 GreenAdvisor will be an innovative, socially-driven mobile and web-based solution that will help protect the global environment by empowering consumers across the world to directly pressure businesses and organizations to operate in a more eco-friendly manner.
This is a first-of-its-kind solution. Until now, consumers have not been able to exert sufficient pressure on businesses to influence them to act more responsibly. However, there is power in numbers and GreenAdvisor can unite people around a shared interest in a cleaner planet. Its simple design is intended to galvanize those who have never taken environmental action before.

By mobilizing large numbers of people to “vote with their feet and wallets”GreenAdvisor will reshape the way consumers can influence businesses to act greener.
GreenAdvisor seeks to democratize the green movement in much the same way that TripAdvisor has democratized the travel industry. GreenAdvisor will position consumers to quick rate organizations and businesses, but also allowing deeper reviewing according to different types of indicators: